21 Black Woman Owned Cannabis Stores To Visit In 2024

21 Black Woman Owned Cannabis Stores To Visit In 2024

By Allison Foster

Seeing the legalization of cannabis in the last few years has been quite a sight to see. To meet consumer demand, many dispensaries and cannabis stores have opened throughout the United States, and more continue to open, whether it be for recreational use, medicinal use, or both.

What we love to see even more is that several of these cannabis shops are Black-women-owned and led. Dispensaries and cannabis stores play a major role in providing customers with unique experiences that help educate and provide a better understanding of cannabis culture and legal access to weed. 

Because putting the spotlight on Black women in cannabis is quite literally our favorite thing to do, we’re sharing a list of some of the cannabis dispensaries and stores owned and operated by Black women across the U.S. Whether you live in a state where recreational cannabis use is legal, or you have local CBD shops nearby, just know Weed for Black Women has got your back, especially when you want to shop Black.

Happy Buds

📍 Brooklyn, NY

Owners: Sunshine Foss and Remo Foss

Happy Buds is a health and wellness, luxurious CBD store located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Wife and husband duo, Sunshine and Remo Foss, opened the store in 2021 with a focus on community and since have been educating people on the benefits of CBD and the cannabis plant.

Gorilla Rx

📍 Los Angeles, CA

Owners: Kika Keith and Kika Howze

Gorilla Rx Wellness is a visionary dispensary reimagining new highs for the cannabis industry. Founded by mother-daughter duo, Kika Keith and Kika Howze (also known as “The Kikas”), Gorilla Rx is looking to build the promise of a brighter, more equitable future in South Central LA and advocate for those fundamentally oppressed by America’s unjust criminal system.


📍 Orange, NJ

Owner: Almaz Adeigbola

brwnbox is a women-owned Hemp and CBD retail store in New Jersey making cannabinoids easy to understand. Perfectly designed to be a hub for cannabis wellness experiences, community engagement, environmental harmony, brwnbox is standing at the forefront of cultural evolution.

Josephine & Billies

📍 Los Angeles, CA

Owners: Whitney Beatty and Ebony Anderson

Josephine and Billie’s is a cannabis speakeasy who wants as many women of color as possible to experience and discover the healing properties of plant medicine. The dispensary is a communal, creative, and safe space for both education and exploration. The name alone pays homage to Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday, who were persecuted for their cannabis consumption but used their art to fight against injustice and open the door for other women who came after them.

Simply Pure

📍 Denver, CO

Owners: Wanda James and Scott Durrah

Simply Pure dispensary is located in the heart of the Highlands in Denver, Colorado and prides itself on being a politically active dispensary. By offering alternatives to alcohol and prescription drugs, Simply Pure is dedicated to providing a safe and positive cannabis experience. 

The Weed Spot 

📍 Dallas, TX

Owner: April Watson

At The Weed Spot, they know there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cannabis use. Their products are selected for purity, user-friendliness, effectiveness, and most importantly, safety.

Inno Medcinals

📍Atlanta, GA

Owners: Floretta Gogo, Stephanie Carter, and Xavier Carter

The journey of INNO Medicinals began when the founders discovered CBD products during their travels and experienced firsthand the health benefits they offered. Inspired by their personal experiences, they embarked on a mission to share the potential of CBD with others and make a positive impact on their community.

In 2018, the founders laid the groundwork for their vision and made plans to open a CBD store in Atlanta. With a commitment to education, INNO Medicinals aims to provide accurate information and guidance to customers, ensuring they make informed decisions about CBD and its potential benefits.

 Good Grades

📍Queens, NY

Owners: Extasy James and Michael James

Good Grades is a family-owned cannabis dispensary founded by two cousins—Extasy James and Michael James—also known as the “Cannabis Cousins”. Good Grades is located in Jamaica, Queens where the two have deep childhood roots. They provide high-quality cannabis products to help people feel good about themselves and their community and is committed to social impact, education and community. Good Grades believes that education is the key to creating a better industry and consumer experience and is focused on being a trusted resource for their community, delivering personalized service and promoting responsible cannabis use.

More Black-Woman-Owned Cannabis Stores To Visit

No matter where you are in the U.S., access to cannabis in all its forms is a privilege. 

Shopping at Black-woman-owned cannabis stores is a powerful way to support diversity and inclusion in an industry that has historically marginalized Black and brown people, actively contribute to economic empowerment within our communities, and help dedicate resources to community development, education, and advocacy. Ultimately, your dollar goes further than the products you buy. It helps to create a more inclusive, fair, and diverse marketplace while acknowledging and uplifting the expertise and contributions of Black women in the cannabis industry. And that’s the sh*t we love to see.

✏️ Editor's Note: This list previously included Sixty Four & Hope in Los Angeles, CA. Sixty Four & Hope is now Off The Charts and no longer Black-woman-owned.

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